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Prof William James introduces the 2018 Post Doc Academic Symposium at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford. Having completed their PhDs, post-doctoral scientists do the bulk of day to day research at scientific laboratories such as the Dunn School in Oxford. Ten shortlisted speakers each deliver a presentation on their area of academic research, with the winner Dr Johanna Pott receiving various prizes, including an extended interview with Voices from Oxford to outline her research in full. Two invited guest lecturers, Prof Irene Miguel-Aliaga and Prof Victoria Cowling speak of their admiration for the valuable work done at the Dunn School. Organising Committee member Dr Martin Parnov Reichhardt explains the process of the presentations, the valuable input of the event’s sponsors, as well as detailing the poster session at the event, which was won by Dr Marjorie Fournier. He also stresses the importance of outreach and public understanding of science, so that the valuable work done towards improving human health can continue to be publicly funded.