Dr Orestis Palermos
Postdoctoral Fellow, Extended Knowledge Project, University of Edinburgh

In 2002, I joined the National Technical University of Athens in order to study chemical engineering. In parallel, I completed my music studies in classical piano and, in 2008, I moved to Edinburgh to take an MSc degree in philosophy. A year later, the same institution awarded me a Career Developmental Scholarship in order to undertake a PhD in Epistemology and Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science. In October 2012, I successfully defended my thesis entitled Extending Cognition in Epistemology: Towards an Individualistic Social Epistemology. Since January 2013, I have been working on my current post, where I plan to stay until the end of 2015.

My research is concerned with the intersection of epistemology and philosophy of mind and cognitive science. Drawing on my PhD thesis , I explore the possible ways in which technology—both software and hardware—allows the cognitive process of knowledge-acquisition to extend beyond the boundaries of the human organism, and I focus specifically on Epistemic Group Agents: Groups that reason and acquire knowledge by means of collective processes over and above the cognitive processes possessed by their individual members.