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Video: The Buddha's Wife: The Path of Awakening Together

Janet Surrey, a Psychologist at The Jean Miller Training Institute wrote a novel published in 2015 called The Buddha's Wife with her husband Samuel Shem.

People: Janet Surrey, PhD

Janet Surrey, PhD, is a Buddhist dharma leader and clinical psychologist internationally known for her work on relational theories of women’s psychological development, diversity, mothering,...

Video: Tantric Buddhism in Bhutan

Dr Cathy Cantwell from the Oriental Institute is interviewed by fellow University of Oxford academic Prof Denis Noble.

News: Buddhism and Science - Video List

In March 2010, Voices from Oxford filmed a series on Buddhism and Science which has proven to be one of our most popular sets of videos.  Please scroll down to view the full list:

News: Literary Traditions of Asian Buddhism

Update:  In June 2014, Dr Cathy Cantwell was interviewed by Prof Denis Noble following her visit to Bhutan.