People: Prof Nong-Moon Hwang

Dr. Nong-Moon Hwang is a professor in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Seoul National University. He graduated Seoul National University with a major in metallurgy in 1981....

Video: Graduate School of Engineering Practice

Official opening of the Graduate School of Engineering Practice at Seoul National University.

Video: Seoul National University visit to Suzhou, China

Delegation from the Graduate School of Engineering Practice (GSEP), Seoul National University visited Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool University (XJTLU), and Suzhou Industrial Park in China to discuss...

Video: The Physics of Lasers

Modern lasers are now so sensitive they can film the detail of chemical reactions in real time, sending pulses of light measured in attoseconds - that's a millionth of a millionth of a millionth...

People: Dr Matthias Mang

Dr Matthias Mang completed his PhD in Physics at the University of Oxford, studying quantum optics and lasers.