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Professors Bass Hassan and Jean-Yves Blay showcase the EURACAN 2nd Annual Conference held at the Examination Schools at the University of Oxford on 4th – 6th April, 2018. EURACAN seeks to bring together stakeholders from across Europe who have an interest in rare cancers, including medical practitioners, research scientists, funding bodies and patient groups, in an attempt to improve treatment outcomes for those suffering from rare forms of cancer. Even though rare cancers account for 22% of all cancer diagnoses across Europe, patients have higher mortality rates than those with more common cancers such as lung or breast. EURACAN seeks to address this imbalance, and improve clinical outcomes, and through its conferences, share knowledge and information which will benefit the patients suffering from these rare conditions. The video is introduced by Prof William James from the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology at the University of Oxford.