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Save Humankind from Coronavirus!

A sensational Talk Show, "King's man", on the popular Korean TV channel, TV Chosun, was broadcast on 29th October 2020....

Reflections on the Covid situation in the UK from the view of a young PhD student

Whenever coronavirus restrictions are increased, there are very often large gatherings just before the new restrictions come into force. Sadly...

Now we have to learn to live with the Virus

Image from Kyungbuk dominilbo, South Korea In common with the USA, Brazil and other countries that either reacted far too...


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Oxford Medicine still No. 1 after 9 years

Once again Medicine at Oxford has been ranked as best...

Lessons from Oxford for the 4th Industrial Revolution

Prof Christopher McKenna describes how Oxford's development is useful in...

The Creative Arts

Amanda Brookfield talks about her new role as Visitor in...