Prof Russell Foster
Professor of Circadian Neuroscience, University of Oxford

Russell Foster is Professor of Circadian Neuroscience and the Head of Department of Ophthamology.  He is also a Nichloas Kurti Senior Fellow at Brasenose College.  Prior to this, he was also at Imperial College where he was the Chair of Molecular Neuroscience within the Faculty of Medicine.  His research spans basic and applied circadian and photoreceptor biology.

He studied at the University of Bristol under the supervision of Prof Sir Brian Follett.  From 1988-1995 he was a member of the National Science Foundation Center for Biological Rhythms at the University of Virginia and worked closely with Michael Menaker.  In 1995 he returned to the UK and established his group at Imperial College.  For his discovery of non-rod, non-cone ocular photoreceptors he has been awarded the Honma prize (Japan), the Cogan award (USA), and Zoological Society Scientific & Edride-Green Medals (UK).  He is the co-author of “Rhythms of Life”, a popular science book on circadian rhythms.