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Voices from Oxford’s Denis Noble and Paul Flather welcomed Perry Marshall from Chicago on a trip to Downe House in Kent. This English Heritage house has been beautifully maintained as a museum of Charles Darwin, where he lived for many years and where he wrote his famous books.

But the three visitors were not just day-tripping. They had a serious mission: to discover the real Charles Darwin.

With the permission of English Heritage a VOX video was recorded in the gardens as they discussed their findings. Those findings are important and may surprise readers of this post.

Darwin included the inheritance of acquired characteristics, just as Lamarck had done before him. He even formulated his theory of gemmules to explain the process. Darwin’s ‘gemmules’ have now been found. Scientists call them exosomes and they transfer epigenetic and genetic information from the body to the next generation via the developing eggs and sperm.

Darwin knew that evolution occurs at very different rates, sometimes rapidly, sometimes hardly at all.

Darwin clearly understood the significance of social (e.g. sexual) selection as distinct from his process of natural selection.

Charles Darwin comes across as a very cautious and deep thinker.

Most of these nuances were removed from the theory of evolution when neo-Darwinism was formulated during the 20th century. But this visit to Downe House concludes that Darwin would not have recognised his range of ideas in the neo-Darwinist version.

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