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Ten Oxford professors from disciplines ranging from music, through philosophy, physiology, logic, music, physics and astronomy, will be presenting their work at a landmark symposium to be held in The British Museum on Saturday 15th January 2022.

The symposium, under the general title THE LANGUAGE OF SYMMETRY, explores the idea that a basic form of symmetry is that between order and disorder, which becomes expressed in different ways in the different fields.

But ultimately all these forms of symmetry cohere under the idea that order and disorder interact. Life exists on the edge between order and disorder through organisms being able to control their own inherent stochasticity. The universe ends up the way it is through the ordering of the stochasticity arising from the original breaking of symmetry.

In this post, VOX features a Video illustrating what the BRITISH MUSEUM event will be about, and who is involved.

Those wishing to be present at the live event can book through the BRITISH MUSEUM website: