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Where did life come from? Where did the genetic code come from? The Evolution 2.0 Prize offers $10 million to the first person to self-organise chemicals into code.

At the Royal Society in Great Britain 31 May 2019, Perry Marshall tells the story behind the prize. Hosted by Oxford Professor Denis Noble FRS CBE.

The discussion was facilitated and chaired by Dr Paul Flather, President of The Forum for Philosophy, based at the London School of Economics, and Fellow of Mansfield College, Oxford.

Origin of Information is the central question in Origin Of Life (“Abiogenesis”). It’s critical to evolution itself. It is the most fundamental scientific question that can be precisely defined. A breakthrough may be as valuable as Einstein’s E=MC^2 or the invention of the transistor.

Perry Marshall is author of “Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin and Design.” Submit prize entries at www.naturalcode.org. Listen to the podcast, videos, blog and read sample chapters of “Evolution 2.0” at www.evo2.org.