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Prof Youmin Xi, President of Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University in Suzhou, China visited the University of Oxford in November 2018. He met with the Master of Balliol College, Dame Helen Ghosh, who also introduced his talk held in Balliol on Syntegrative Education to a group of Oxford professors. Following his talk he attended a dinner at the college for further discussion and networking. He enjoyed a visit to some of the other colleges and sights of Oxford University, including Exeter College and the Divinity School at the Bodleian Library. Prof Xi also visited the National Film and Television School in nearby Beaconsfield, for a series of meetings.

The seminar audience and dinner invitees included many distinguished professors, some of whom are also VOX Editors. They include:
Dr Andrew Graham, Former Master of Balliol College;
Dr Sung Hee Kim, Director of Voices from Oxford;
Prof Denis Noble, VOX Editor-in-Chief;
Prof William James, VOX Editor-at-Large;
Prof Bill Dutton, VOX Editor in Internet Studies;
Prof Bass Hassan, VOX Editor in Clinical Medicine;
Prof Hagan Bayley, VOX Editor in Natural Sciences;
Dr James Edwards, VOX Editor in Biomedical Engineering;
Dr Paul Flather, VOX Editor in Politics and International Relations;
Dr Peggotty Graham, VOX News Editor;
Dr Martin Kerr; Medical Science Division, University of Oxford
Dr Woo Tong-ki; DMOE
Dr Wen Hwa Lee; Action Against AMD
Dr Adam Grieve; Sir William Dunn School of
Pathology, University of Oxford
Dr Christopher McKenna; Said Business School, University of Oxford
Dr Pearl Qinghao Wang; Shanghai Jiaotong University
Dr Xiaojun Zhang; Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University
Mr Andy Rattue; St Clare’s, Oxford
Mr Lawrie Coupland; St Clare’s, Oxford