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Assuming that life on other planets with an ocean may be located around vent sites providing the basic energy for life, we must first locate the vent sites themselves. I will discuss how we do that here on earth and how technology is rapidly evolving to aid in that and how we can utilize this for exploring the ocean on Europa and other exo-planets. I will use the examples of the vent sites I found in the Antarctic and the Caribbean and how advances in the 3 years between the discoveries made the task a lot easier.

Doug is a Marine Geochemist who has spent the last 15 years seeking out new hydrothermal vents around the planet. He has found vent sites in the Indian, Pacific, Arctic, and Antarctic oceans and the deepest vents on the planet in the Caribbean Sea. Doug uses state of the art equipment to detect and then sample the vents themselves, and then studies the effects that the chemicals from these vent can have on the wider marine system.