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David Cullen is Professor of Bioanalytical Technology at Cranfield University in the UK. Originally trained as a Biochemist, from his PhD onwards he has been involved in the development and application of biosensor and related bioanalytical technologies to a diverse range of medical and environmental problems. From the early 2000’s he became involved in the planetary exploration and space sector initially via involvement in the proposal and subsequent development of the Life Marker Chip (LMC) instrument for the ESA ExoMars rover payload. This work has led to other planetary exploration and space science applications including in-field application of multiple extant life detection techniques at subglacial and volcanic field sites on Earth, use of balloons to sample the Earth’s stratosphere with a focus on sample integrity (implementing planetary exploration PP&CC principles and protocols) and development of CubeSat and CubeSat-like payloads for astrobiology, fundamental biology and human cell biology studies in space environments. He is a member of ESA’s Life Sciences Working Group, UK Space Agency’s Space Exploration Advisory Committee and is joint chair of the UK CubeSat Forum.