Video highlights from IUPS Congress 

Pictured: A superstar of the show, Professor Russell Foster from Oxford, delivering a public lecture on The Rhythms of Life.

An interview with Russell Foster features in the VOX videos

Voices from Oxford was invited by the President of IUPS, Denis Noble, who is also a founder and presenter for VOX, to record some of the highlights from the World Congress held in July 2013 at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham and hosted by The Physiological Society. Attended by over 3000 scientists from around 100 countries worldwide, this is the Olympic games of physiological science. The intellectual peaks of physiology and medical science are here. VOX is adding to its already extensive series of medical science videos.

If it was ever true that physiology had moved off from centre stage,
it is now coming back with a vengeance
 (The President’s Lecture)

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Plenary Lectures and ceremonies

Opening plenary: Physiology moves back onto centre stage. Denis Noble

The Rhythms of Life. Russell Foster

Interview with Russell Foster

Pathological development of brain microvasculature. Elisabetta Dejana

Calcium signal mechanisms in secretory cells: physiology and pathology. Ole Petersen

Gastrointestinal hormones and the dialogue between gut and brain  Graham Dockray

Role of ATP – regulated potassium channels in pancreatic alpha- and beta-cells. Patrik Rorsman

An overview of Physiome activities. Peter Hunter

Peter Hunter Interviewed by Sung Hee Kim

Peter Hunter Interviewed by Denis Noble

Optical deconstruction of fully-assembled biological systems. Karl Deisseroth

The molecular mechanisms of signaling at chemical synapses. Eric Gouaux

Closing Ceremony – The Expansion of Physiology  Denis Noble

News Item on The progressive triumph of physiology over molecular biology


Physiology and Evolution

How Life changes itself. The read-write (RW) Genome  James Shapiro

Relating genotypes to the phenotypes  Stig Omholt

The modern synthesis: extension or replacement  Gerd Muller

Cross-species cloning: influence of cytoplasmic factors on development  Yonghua Sun

Ageing – Epigenetic mechanisms underlying lifelong health and wellbeing

Computational biology as a tool for reverse engineering genotype-phenotype relations  Chae Young Cha

Ageing and DNA Methylation: a role in fetal origins of adult disease?  Carmen Sapienza

Physiology of fasting and starvation

Alternate day fasting: a novel dietary restriction regimen for weight loss in humans  Krista Varady

Differential mobilization and use of fatty acids during fasting  Teresa Valencak

Thermoregulatory adaptations to starvation and cold in birds  Esa Hohtola

New advances in the Physiome and Systems Biology

Modelling the pulmonary physiome: integration of clinical data with multi-scale analysis  Merryn Tawhai

Multi-scale modelling of cardiac excitation-contraction coupling  Nicholas Smith

Stochastic multi-scale modelling of the neuro-musculoskeletal system  Marco Viceconti

Intracellular signalling microdomains in the heart

Spatial coupling between pH and Ca2+ in the ventricular myocyte  Pawel Swietach

Orchestration of signaling microdomains in heart by cytoskeleton and protein scaffolds  Jeffrey Saucerman

Compartmentalisation of nitric oxide synthase regulates Ca2+ signalling in heart  Yin Hua Zhang

Caveolae contribute to spatial control of cAMP within the cardiac cell  Sarah Calaghan

Aging and Exercise training

Maximising muscle protein synthesis: influence of nutrition and training modalities  Stuart Phillips