Throughout 2013-2014, Balliol College is hosting a series of ten seminars on privacy issues in genomic medicine, funded by the Balliol Interdisciplinary Institute and supported by the Oxford Internet Institute.  Co-ordinated by Dr Arthur Thomas, the seminar series looks at the crucial questions which are increasingly arising as technological breakthroughs mean genonic data can be collected and analysed with greater accuracy and at lower cost than ever before.

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1 – Dr Tim Hubbard

2 – George Freeman MP

2a – Interview with George Freeman MP

3 – Dr Mark Taylor

4 – John Wilbanks

5 – Prof Nigel Smart

6 – Dr Joss Wright

7 – Prof Michael Parker

7a – Interview with Prof Michael Parker

8 – Dr Jane Kaye

9 – Dame Fiona Caldicott

10 – Prof Roger Brownsword