A best-selling book has been published by our Director, Dr Sung Hee Kim, who has been doing a lecture tour in Korea in response to demands for lectures on the book. The latest is a TED-style talk on “15 minutes that changes the world.” Posted on Youtube in July 2014, it already has more than 250,000 views (updated on 15 December 2017).  The URL to the video (recently updated with English subtitles) of the talk is: 

The talk is inspirational and the audience clearly enjoy every minute of it.

To find out what the book is about, go to:


Dr Kim’s book title  “나는 어제보다 오늘이 좋다 ( 구 ‘인생은 뜻대로 되는 게 아니란다’ 김성희 저 쌤앤파커스)”  is translated into English as “Life is Wonderful”. Actually the Korean title is much more subtle. The meaning is rather that life takes surprising turns and you have to make something out of it whichever way it flows. She achieves this through anecdotes from her own life story, in which Oxford features very strongly as a thread throughout the book. So does Voices from Oxford, so this is great publicity in East Asia for VOX.