Prof David Murray, Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Oxford

Dr Giorgio Perino, Pathologist, New York Hospital for Special Surgery

Dr Zhidao Xia, Senior Lecturer, Swansea University Medical School

Biomaterials have profound impacts on the host innate and adaptive immune system. Failure of biomaterial implantation can have catastrophic consequences in patients. The aim of this round table discussion is to provide a platform for comprehensive communication between immunologists, biomaterial scientists and surgeons who perform the biomaterial implantations. The design of ideal implantable biomaterials should aim for making use of host immune response to improve implant integration, while also avoiding its perpetuation that may lead to chronic inflammation, foreign body reactions, and consequently loss of the intended function. A comprehensive communication between material scientists, immunologists and surgeons will help to gain better understanding and clinical outcomes of host inflammatory responses to surgically implanted biomaterials.

This discussion is also a promotion event for a Special Issue and an eBook of Frontiers in Immunology and Frontiers in Surgery.