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Sit back, relax and listen to the sonorous voice of Willem Kuyken as he takes you through a short mindfulness session, replete with some amazing and beautiful footage from nature.  Professor Willem Kuyken is the Director of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, University of Oxford, and an expert in this technique which seeks to ground people in the here and now, and offers them a chance to achieve peace of mind.  With proven success in helping people with both physical and mental health issues, mindfulness is also used by otherwise healthy people, and there are even advanced plans to introduce it into UK schools to help children in a multitude of ways.  Willem is joined in this mindfulness session by Voices from Oxford Director Dr Sung Hee Kim, and Professor Denis Noble, who had earlier interviewed Willem about the benefits of the technique and the work of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre.

Interview Link:  http://voicesfromoxford.org/video/the-benefits-of-mindfulness/546