Huipeng Shi
Associate Chief Physician, Shanghai 6th Hosptial, Jiaotong University

Dr Huipeng Shi is an Associate Chief Physician in the Department of Orthopaedics at the Shanghai 6th Hospital, Jiao Tong University. Having practiced as an orthopaedic physician for more than 20 years, Dr Shi specializes in fractures, and has become committed to find ways to prevent such injuries among older people. Dr Shi believes that a network community might be one way to address this problem while also reducing costs relative to alternative approaches. His ideal is to establish and maintain a healthier society for older people, and believes that this development might be one step towards that goal. Dr Shi attained an MBA from Hong Kong University in 2005 having previously graduated from Shanghai Medical University with a BS in Clinical Medicine.

Dr Shi is the first medical professional to participate in the OII’s Health Collaboration Network Visitor Programme