Prof David Taggart
Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery

Prof David Taggart’s research is wide ranging and includes: Arterial Revascularisation Trial (ART), CRISP Trial – RCT to compare OPCABG and ONCABG in high risk patients (determined by EUROSCORE), CORONARY Trial – An international trial that will compare survival following OPCABG v ONCABG in patients with IHD undergoing CABG, Assessment of cardiac magnetic resonance imaging, Improving graft imaging -Radial artery vasospasm, Evaluation of new vascular joining devices, Effectiveness of a new phase 1 drug in stimulating the growth of new blood vessels within the heart for patients following heart attacks, 3F Aortic Bioprosthesis, Assessment of the MIRA Mechanical Heart Valve, Assessment of Prima Plus Bioprosthesis.