In short time, some of the Voices from Oxford productions have now received over 10,000 views.

This is a big psychological boost for our dedicated and hardworking team. It is also a great vote of confidence from our worldwide audience. Our videos have now been watched in 132 countries around the globe. 68% of the members of the United Nations have now seen our productions.

From Australia to Afghanistan

From Bangladesh to Bulgaria

From Canada to China

From Denmark to Dominican Republic

From Egypt to Estonia


From Korea to Korea (South and North — yes, even the DPRK),

Myanmar, Sudan …………


From Yemen to    …….. well that’s our only ‘Y’ so far, and we have yet to hear from Zimbabwe and Zanzibar

But it is clear that our mission to project Oxford to the four corners of the earth has succeeded.

We reach parts that others hardly touch. 

Thank you to all our viewers.

The VOX team

20 September 2013