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In this talk hosted by the Rector of Exeter College, Frances Cairncross, Professor Hamilton discusses his first impressions on arriving in Oxford as Vice-Chancellor, the comparisons between the great universities of the UK and the USA, student life, finance, governance, the tutorial system, sport, and many other aspects of the Oxford experience. This talk was recorded early in 2010. The issues discussed are highly topical with the publication of the Browne Review of Higher Education, the threat of major cuts in government funding, and the comparisons across the Atlantic to see whether American universities provide insights on solutions or problems to avoid.
Andrew Hamilton FRS became Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford in October 2009. He was previously Provost of Yale University, USA. Before that he was Benjamin Silliman Professor of Chemistry and also held the rank of Professor of Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry.
Professor Hamilton’s research has spanned porphyrin, supramolecular, medicinal, bioorganic chemistry and chemical biology. His lab is most noted for the design of barbiturate hosts, farnesyl tranferase inhibitors, protein surface binders, and helix mimetics.